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AC Power Source, AC Power Supply, Power Amplifier AC Output Constant Current Source, High Frequency Transformer, High Voltage Transformer, Frequency Converter, Power Oscillator

AC Voltage Sources

80-500 watts


AC Voltage Sources

1000-3000 watts


RF Power Amplifiers

50-1000 watts


AC Current Sources

250-500 watts


AC Current Sources

1000-3000 watts


Frequency Converters

80-3000 watts


AC Power Amplifiers

(Voltage Mode)


AC Power Amplifiers

(Current Mode)


Plasma Power Supplies


Dedicated AC Power Sources


IEEE Controlled



Plug-in Oscillators


Three Phase Linear


High Frequency Transformer





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AC Constant Voltage Sources

1000 - 3000 watts

for Use with Plug-in oscillators




Output Power



1000 Watts

210 lbs


1500 Watts

225 lbs


2000 Watts

250 lbs


3000 Watts

260 lbs



Output Circuit:

Single phase Isolated; taps from 0-65 to 0-300V

Regulation: Adjustable to 0.1% line and load
Short Circuit Protection: Thermostat and fast acting line fuses

Frequency Response:

Full power 30Hz-5KHz with standard output transformer

10Hz to20KHz with external output transformers

Distortion: 0.3% mid band
Transient Overload 4.5X full load for 5 sec for motor starting
Input Power:

208 50/60 3 phase unless otherwise specified can easily be  wired for 190, 225, 240, 380, or 450V; 50/60Hz

Power Factor Range: +0.7 to -0.7 for full power; to zero @ reduced power
Dimensions: 19 rack by 22 deep 12.25H under 2000S, 17.5H 2000 & 3000S