Industrial Test Equipment Co., Inc.

2 Manhasset Ave., Port Washington, NY 11050
Phone: 516-883-1700 Fax: 516-883-7155


AC Power Source, AC Power Supply, Power Amplifier AC Output Constant Current Source, High Frequency Transformer, High Voltage Transformer, Frequency Converter, Power Oscillator


AC Voltage Sources

80-500 watts


AC Voltage Sources

1000-3000 watts


RF Power Amplifiers

50-1000 watts


AC Current Sources

250-500 watts


AC Current Sources

1000-3000 watts


Frequency Converters

80-3000 watts


AC Power Amplifiers

(Voltage Mode)


AC Power Amplifiers

(Current Mode)


Plasma Power Supplies


Dedicated AC Power Sources


IEEE Controlled



Plug-in Oscillators


Three Phase Linear


High Frequency Transformer




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Company and Product Information

Established in 1952, Industrial Test Equipment Co., Inc. (ITECO) is located in Port Washington, New York. ITECO produces AC power supplies and power amplifiers in the frequency range of 10Hz to 2MHz. ITECO’s power supplies and power amplifiers  are widely used in the following fields.

*  Plasma generation

*  Aerospace applications

*  Circuit breaker testing

*  Magnetic field generation

*  Transformer testing

* Lamp testing

* Frequency conversion

* Laboratories Experiments

The stock and custom AC power supplies manufactured by ITECO cover 10Hz to 1MHz. All models accept either plug-in oscillators made by ITECO or outputs from external function generators made by any other companies. GBIP (IEEE-488) bus or 0-10 VDC controllers are available as an option. Internal/External output transformers for voltage or current enable the power supplies to go from 0 to 1500A in current and from 0 to 6KV rms. in voltage.

For detail specifications of our power supplies/power amplifiers, please visit our web site at or contact us at 516-883-1700. Please consult our factory for any special requirements.