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Model 5900 Power Oscillator




General Description


The Model 5900 is a high general purpose audio generator.


The circuit consists of a low distortion oscillator, a drive amplifier, and a bipolar FET class AB1 power amplifier with an output transformer.


The output transformer has three taps to allow utilization of the full power over a wide range of voltages.


A frequency counter and output voltmeter are built in. Electronic overload protection is provided that limit the power into a short circuit to a safe value.



Input Power: 120V AC 50Hz/60Hz (Unless Otherwise Specified)
Output Volts: Low Range ...... 0 to 8.5 V rms. @ 8.2 A
  Middle Range ...... 0 to 38 V rms. @ 1.8 A

High Range ...... 0 to 130 V rms. @ .53 A


                              0 to260 V rms. on request   

Regulation: 0.1% line and load
Distortion: 0.3% mid band
Output Power: Maximum ....... 70 VA
  Continuous ...... 50 VA
Frequency Response:

45Hz to 20 KHz

Frequency Accuracy: 0.1%
Dimensions: 12.25 X 5.25 X 12.5
Weight: 23 lbs