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AC Current Sources

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80-3000 watts


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(Voltage Mode)


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(Current Mode)


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High Frequency Output Transformers



Industrial Test Equipment Co., Inc. manufactures high frequency output transformers in accordance to the customers’ specifications.


ITECO manufactures output transformers in the frequency range of 30Hz to 2MHz; output power from 50 watts to 20,000 watts; output voltage from 1V rms. to 6000V rms. (up to 10,000V rms. in some frequency ranges); output current from 0.01A to 400A (up to 1500A rms. in some frequency ranges). 


Due to different applications, ITECO output transformers can be categorized as:


(1)   High frequency low inductance output transformers

(2)   High frequency low stray capacitance output transformers

(3)   High frequency high voltage output transformers

(4)   High frequency high current output transformers

(5)   High frequency wide-band output transformers


Consult factory for pricing with your specifications.


Standard 1000 Watt Power transformers  ( May be combined for higher power of voltage ) Contact company for other power of voltage specifications


Power Output V Max Freq Lowest Freq Highest Model #
1000 Watts 1000 VRMS 50 Hz 3500 Hz 8374
1000 Watts 1000 VRMS 3.5K Hz 30K Hz 8375
1000 Watts 1000 VRMS 2K Hz 50K Hz 8376
1000 Watts 1000 VRMS 20K Hz 200 Hz 8377
1000 Watts 2500 VRMS 50 Hz 3500 Hz 9374
1000 Watts 2500 VRMS 3.5K Hz 10K Hz 9375
1000 Watts 2500 VRMS 2K Hz 25K Hz 9376
1000 Watts 3500 VRMS 50 Hz 2500 Hz 10374
1000 Watts 3500 VRMS 2.5K Hz 5K Hz 10375
1000 Watts 3500 VRMS 2K Hz 15K Hz 10376
1000 Watts 5000 VRMS 50 Hz 500 Hz 11374
1000 Watts 5000 VRMS 350 Hz 3.5K Hz 11375
1000 Watts 5000 VRMS 2K Hz 8K Hz 11376
1000 Watts 10K VRMS 1K Hz 6K Hz 12374