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AC Power Source, AC Power Supply, Power Amplifier AC Output Constant Current Source, High Frequency Transformer, High Voltage Transformer, Frequency Converter, Power Oscillator

AC Voltage Sources

80-500 watts


AC Voltage Sources

1000-3000 watts


RF Power Amplifiers

50-1000 watts


AC Current Sources

250-500 watts


AC Current Sources

1000-3000 watts


Frequency Converters

80-3000 watts


AC Power Amplifiers

(Voltage Mode)


AC Power Amplifiers

(Current Mode)


Plasma Power Supplies


Dedicated AC Power Sources


IEEE Controlled



Plug-in Oscillators


Three Phase Linear


High Frequency Transformer





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3 Phase Power Supplies



For three phase models with less or equal to 750 watts output power, stand-alone units are available. Please refer to Frequency Converter Category for detail information.


For three phase set-ups (750 watts to 9000 watts), three individual “Powertron” units are required. They may be connected in “Y” or “DELTA”. Any line to line or line to neutral voltage desired may be selected by choosing the appropriate output transformer tap.


All necessary interconnecting cables and a three phase oscillator are included in all three phase combinations. A cabinet is not included. Consult the factory for choices of cabinets, casters slides, etc.